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Finding a reliable confinement nanny agency in Singapore can help you or your loved one recover from childbirth effectively. We have experienced Stay-in & Stay-out Chinese Confinement Nannies who can speak Mandarin and English. Each confinement lady from our agency is trained in Singapore by a Senior Lactation Consultant previously from Thomson Medical Centre. Booking is based on a first come first served basis. Our clients are also entitled to a replacement nanny if you find them unsuitable.

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Confinement Nannies

Our confinement nanny agency has been training qualified and caring women to provide new moms with the assistance they need while recovering. Each confinement nanny we deploy in Singapore is well trained in terms of delivering support and care for the mother and the child. Our nannies can speak Mandarin and English, however please let us know in advance if you prefer English speaking nannies.

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Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Massage

Pre-natal massages are beneficial for mum-to-be who are stressed and have back pain, sore legs or leg cramps. It helps expected mums to increase blood circulation and relaxes your tensed muscles. For mothers who have gone through normal delivery, c-section delivery or premature delivery, post-natal massage is recommended to improve breast feeding, strengthen and restore the uterus etc. Together with our experienced confinement lady, you can enjoy these massages.

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Baby Massage Class

Learn an ancient art that connects you deeply with your baby.

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Lactation Care

Lactation home service by Registered Lactation Consultant is also provided along with our confinement services for First-time mothers. We have a Registered Lactation Consultant who will guide you along our nanny services period which includes free short lactation advice over the phone to help you with your new role.

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Childbirth Preparation Course

Discover what to expect during pregnancy, labour and beyond.

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Other Services

Each pregnancy is different from the others. Thus, a mom’s experience throughout the whole pregnancy may be unique and will need distinct confinement services. We are here to support you on your journey to motherhood. We offer personalized care and attention from our team of well-trained confinement ladies and professionals.

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Confinement Nanny Agency in Singapore

Our confinement nannies can care for your child, reduce your stress and help speed up your recovery.

We Understand Your Needs and Will Help You Through Your Recovery

Super Nanny Services is a confinement nanny agency that offers a wide range of confinement services for new moms to support them in conquering this new role as a mother.


Our team of professionals and well-trained confinement ladies will help you throughout your recovery from childbirth. We believe that women must help women during such delicate times and we are deploying only the most trusted and caring confinement nannies to your aid for your effective recovery.


Apart from our confinement nanny services, we also offer guidance to new mothers on tasks such as lactation, baby massage and more. We also offer hands on and over the phone consultation for motherhood counseling to get you guided on your new role.


As part of our commitment to your well-being, you can choose the confinement nanny on a first come first serve basis.

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