3 Confinement Advice For New Mothers

3 Confinement Advice For New Mothers

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), giving birth drains a women of qi and blood, which can weaken their bodies, making them vulnerable to ‘wind’ in the environment and external pathogens.This is why postpartum care during the confinement period is often one of the most crucial aspects following pregnancy to regain full health and vitality. But what else should a new mother take note of after childbirth? Super Nanny is a leading confinement agency in Singapore, and we’ve put together a list of confinement tips you should know. 

Keep warm

Keep warm-confinement nanny services Singapore

Keeping warm and preserving the heat in the body is considered to be essential for mothers during their confinement period. Many traditions place importance on ensuring new mothers are given food that warms their bodies, hot oil and steam treatments such as massages, and making sure new mothers are kept indoors away from wind and the elements. This is because a mother’s immune system tends to be weaker after pregnancy and being constantly subjected to cold air directly from a fan or an air-con could cause one to fall ill. 

That said, new mothers should rest in a comfortable environment that is well-ventilated, and at a temperature that prevents excessive perspiration. In the event turning on the air conditioner is necessary to maintain the room temperature, mothers and babies should be shielded from direct contact with the cold air.

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Avoid strenuous activities or lifting heavy objects

Avoid strenuous activities or lifting heavy objects-confinement nanny services Singapore

The confinement period is meant for new mothers to get as much rest as possible for a full recovery. Hence, it is advised that new mothers avoid strenuous activities or lifting heavy objects until at least 3 months after childbirth. Gentle activities such as walking and stretching are fine, but avoid high intensity exercises for now as your pelvic floor muscles are weaker after pregnancy and birth. Lifting heavy objects is also dangerous and may even result in uterine prolapse. 

During this time, consider enlisting the help of a confinement nanny from a reputable confinement agency to care for both you and your baby. This provides peace of mind to recover from delivery, restore your health and the opportunity to learn to nurse your newborn. 

Don’t rush to lose weight 

It’s understandable to want to shed the extra weight and water retention from pregnancy. However, the month after childbirth is not the time to rush the process as your body requires the nutrition to heal and recover.

In our fast-paced society, many mothers feel the pressure to “bounce back” immediately after giving birth, and feel as if they’re doing something wrong if they can’t fit into their pre-pregnancy clothes right away. It’s important to keep in mind that the weight you’ve gained during pregnancy is not simply excess fat, but reserves that are there to feed your growing baby. Weight loss will then occur once you give birth as the amniotic fluids and placenta leave your body, and your blood volume returns to normal.

The purpose of the confinement period is to regain your health, adjust to motherhood, and bonding with your bundle of joy. Enjoy this period of rest and relaxation with these tips while you make your way to full recovery. Alternatively, you may also consider enlisting the help of a confinement nanny for an extra pair of hands around the house. You’d be surprised how much easier your life will be with the support and invaluable advice provided!

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