Why Engage Your Confinement Nanny Through A Confinement Agency Instead of Freelance Nanny

Why Engage Your Confinement Nanny Through A Confinement Agency Instead of Freelance Nanny

The postnatal period can be a challenging one for new mothers, especially those experiencing it for the first time. For some, managing the needs of their newborn in addition to everyday tasks and responsibilities can be exhausting without the helping hand of a confinement nanny. But how should you go about hiring one? 

There are mainly two ways to engage confinement nanny services in the market – confinement nannies from an agency, or freelance confinement nannies typically through confinement lady recommendations. If you’re contemplating which to choose, this article looks at the benefits of a confinement agency when searching for a suitable confinement nanny in Singapore. Read on to learn more!

Replacement of nanny

Engaging a confinement nanny will mean having to live with a stranger for at least a month. In the event your freelance confinement nanny falls ill, or if you find yourself unsatisfied with the service and would like to terminate it, it could result in a stressful situation. Apart from being left with no help for the rest of your confinement period, there may also be tricky issues like compensation and refunds. 

Confinement agencies on the other hand, make it their priority to provide the most professional and dependable services, putting emphasis on customers’ needs. This ensures certainty and peace of mind for new mothers on their transition to parenthood. To maintain quality nanny services and reliable support, Super Nanny provides free replacement of a confinement nanny in the event they fall sick, or if the client is simply unsatisfied. 

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Guaranteed arrival of nannies

Guaranteed arrival of nannies-confinement nanny Singapore

With a freelance confinement nanny, you’ll most likely have to wait for your confinement lady to schedule her time of arrival, which could range from days or even weeks based on the situation. Additionally, there have even been instances where a deposit has been paid but the freelance nanny does not turn up. Deposits that have been accepted may also not be refundable in the event the confinement nanny becomes uncontactable. However, reliable confinement agencies such as Super Nanny have a team of professionally trained confinement nannies who are committed to ensuring the guaranteed and timely arrival of confinement help at your doorstep. 

One-stop solution for all confinement needs

Confinement nannies function as dedicated caregivers to new mothers, taking care of all aspects during their confinement period. Besides being professionally trained to care for your newborn, your confinement nanny will be equipped with the expertise for all your confinement needs such as preparing herbal baths, nutritional confinement meals and teas recommended for mothers who have just given birth. Moreover, you get the opportunity to learn the ropes of looking after your infant with useful baby care techniques at the same time!

Proper standard of baby hygiene and safety 

It’s no secret that newborn babies haven’t got as strong an immune system as adults. Thus, it is crucial to keep them and their surroundings as clean and hygienic as possible. Professional confinement nannies who have received adequate training from an agency will be well equipped with the highest hygiene standards, on top of knowledge for proper handling of newborns and confinement care.

Work permit application

work permit application-confinement nanny singapore

When most parents hire a confinement nanny, they usually consider what happens during confinement, rather than what needs to happen before. Many of the confinement nannies in Singapore are from Malaysia as confinement practices in the two countries are similar. Hence, it is mandatory for these confinement nannies to apply for a permit in order to work legally here.

The application of a work permit for your confinement nanny can be a time consuming and complicated one. With all the paperwork, levy payments and more, this will be the last thing you want on your mind with a baby due in a few weeks. 

Save the hassle by hiring a confinement nanny through an agency, and leave them to handle the application process instead. This will allow you to focus on matters of importance, as well as your family! 

We hope this article has provided some insights on why you should hire a confinement nanny through an agency. Bear in mind to communicate your expectations at the start and engage someone you can trust for the full restoration of your health.

Searching for reliable confinement nanny services in Singapore? With both daytime and 24/7 options, Super Nanny also offers new mothers a full suite of supplemental services like antenatal classes and baby massage. Reach out to our team to discover the best options for you today!