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Confinement Herbal Package

Giving birth is no easy job, especially when a mother has to endure 9 months of physical
and emotional challenges, as well as experiencing the long harsh process of childbirth. It drains a lot
of the mother’s strength, and they would need to recover through resting and eating nutritious food as
it helps them to regain their body shape and health. For many mothers, they would choose
traditional confinement food for its special warm food that rejuvenates their strength.


To help mothers with this issue, we have compiled the best confinement herbal packages that provides
traditional Chinese-based nutritious and delicious confinement meals to mothers while they
enjoy a relaxing recovery and recuperate rapidly during the confinement month.


Most importantly only at Super Nanny Service, we have the abilities to customize your confinement herbal
packages based on your preferences and/or should you have any food allergies. What’s more, the confinement
herbal soup is completely refundable at no additional costs* if you are unable to finish them.


Enjoy 10% OFF for 3 x Complete Set of Confinement Herbal Packages


*Terms & Conditions:
All packages must be kept unopened, intact, complete and sealed in good conditions.