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Confinement Nanny

As much as we want to help you throughout your recovery, we understand that some families would love to have time on their own especially after the arrival of your little bundle of joy. As such, Super Nanny Services offer two options for our services – 24/7 Stay-In and 9 Hrs (Day) Stay-Out.


We highly recommend our 24/7 stay-in confinement services so your stay-in confinement nanny can give you a hand readily. This will help you recover faster and ensure your safety as well as your newborn will completely be taken care of while you are resting. However, we do offer 9 Hrs (Day) stay-out confinement services as well so that mothers can have a private moment with their husband and newborn at night or due to space constraints.


The standard confinement period is usually 28 days. However, a short extension or longer term for our confinement services can be arranged upon special request. Super Nanny Services is also capable of arranging a confinement nanny to be assigned overseas with you.


Every mother and baby are unique in their own little ways. Talk to us today so we could assist you with your preference and provide you with the best nanny services that fit your needs and requirements.

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From confinement meals to night feeding, our confinement nannies will take care of everything for you.

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Trust our consultants to
handle all the paperworks
and make necessary
arrangements for your
smooth confinement.
Just sit back and relax!

Comprehensive Care
For You & Your Newborn

From the moment mother and baby arrive home, our confinement nanny will be with you every step
of the way right through to the celebration of your baby’s full month party.


We are here to make your postpartum experience a restful and enjoyable experience so that
quality time can be spent with your baby.

A diagram show a nanny holding and feeding baby milk in her arms
Guidance & Assistant

to mothers for the
provision of optimal
support designed for
healthy full-term infants.

A yellow and blue pacifier
Guidance & Advice

for mothers on newborn
care procedures & mother
care, highlighting all the
Do’s & Don’ts of proper care.

A bowl of soup with vegetables
Confinement Dishes
& Tonic Soups

prepared for mothers to
have better recovery of
strength & overall health.
A vegetarian or halal meals
can be arranged too.

A cartoon of a person in a bathtub
Traditional Herbal
Confinement Bath

for mothers to expel
wind, relieve pain &
post-natal discomfort.

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24/7 or 9 Hrs (Day)
Baby Care

of your newborn Including
feeding, bathing, cleaning,
changing diapers, updating
baby’s daily log & night feeding.

A diagram of baby bottle with a pink lid
Essential Hygiene &
Daily Care

for your newborn, inclusive
of baby bottles cleaning,
sterilisation & more to
protect baby from infection.

A pink baby clothes with a heart on it
Laundry for Baby &
Mother’s Clothes

& daddy’s clothes upon
request if required.
Your confinement nanny
can cook Daddy’s meals too.

A blue bucket with white bubbles
Groceries Shopping &
Basic Household Chores

such as washing the dishes,
simple toilet cleaning,
sweeping and mopping of floor
can be arranged if required.

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