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Some common pitfalls to look out for when hiring freelance Confinement Nannies

Selection of Nannies based on Friends’ or Relatives’ Recommendations

Many friends and relatives recommend a confinement nanny with the best of intentions. Yet, we have heard of unhappy outcomes. “My friend had this nanny that she highly praised but it turned out quite differently for me and I was so disappointed.” What happened? Actually this is a real risk as every family has different expectations and requirements. Therefore it is very important for the confinement agency consultant to meet up with the employing family at their home for a discussion on needs and expectations so that the right matching of nannies can be done successfully.

When choosing a confinement nanny, our advice to clients is to go with a licensed Confinement Nanny agency instead of going with freelance nannies through recommendations to avoid disappointment. Due to uncertain delivery dates, the nanny of your choice may be occupied with another household or if the nanny happens to feel unwell at that time.

Your Nanny does not Turn Up

In cases where no deposit is given, it also means the freelance nanny is not obliged to turn up.

Booking based on promises without deposit does not guarantee the required commitment. The freelance confinement nanny can decide not to turn up upon baby’s birth.

In the worst-case scenario, the freelance confinement is offered a higher rate and she decides to drop you without informing you. In some cases, she may still be tied up with another assignment and is not free to attend to you.

In such instances, parents have to start searching frantically for another confinement nanny at the last minute.

Your Deposit is not Guaranteed

In the case where a deposit has been made and the freelance nanny does not turn up, often times, the deposit may not be refundable because the confinement nanny becomes uncontactable.

Poor Working Attitude

Some freelance confinement nannies are too rigid in their practices because they come highly recommended. Instead of listening to and attending to the mother’s needs, they will insist on their traditional practices. This will result in conflicts and mothers will end up being more stressed. Without a proper system of feedback, monitoring, supervision and support from a professional and reliable company, freelance confinement nannies are hard to control.

Other Risk Factors

As she is your ONLY freelance confinement nanny, you must be mentally prepared for the many “IFs” in the midst of your confinement:

  • if she falls sick
  • if she needs to leave due to personal reasons
  • if she has an attitude problem
  • if she can’t get along with your other family members
  • if she secretly smokes in your home
  • if she wants to borrow money on her second day of work
  • if she did not perform to your expectations
  • if she is not happy due to your expectations and wants to demand more money

Penalties for Offenders

Under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act, employers can be fined up to $5000 for illegally employing Confinement nannies without valid work permit. In addition, the errant employer will be permanently barred from employing Foreign Domestic Workers.

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