Sleep Tips For New Mums

Sleep Tips For New Mums

Welcoming a newborn is one of the most exciting events in life. However, being a new mum can be exhausting and overwhelming considering the new responsibilities and physical exhaustion involved. Scientists and doctors agree that sleep plays a massive role in emotional stability, and research has also shown that sleep deprivation can exacerbate symptoms of postpartum depression for new mums. While there might not be a magic formula for getting enough sleep, these tips could help you with sneaking in as much rest and shut eye as possible.

#1 Sleep When Your Baby Sleeps

Broken sleep is better than none, and naps can help with catching up on some sleep. In fact, taking a power nap of 20-30 minutes will help mums feel more refreshed afterwards.

As sleep during the day can be difficult, you’d want to create a relaxing environment and set your bedroom up for sleep – keep temperature cool, and block out light with heavy drapes or black-out curtains, making it quiet and comfortable. Eye masks are also a cheap and effective way of helping you drift off more easily.

Use the weekends or any other time when there is ready help available to get some extra sleep. It’s only when you take better care of yourself, that you can provide better care for your little one!

#2 Share the Workload With Your Partner or Nanny

Share the Workload With Your Partner or Stay In Nanny in Singapore

Identify and don’t be afraid to talk about what kind of help you need. It could be a small task, like taking over bath time so you can relax, or asking your partner to do a night feed for you. You may consider hiring a stay in nanny for confinement nanny services, to also ensure you’re getting the proper care and rest after your pregnancy and a smooth postpartum experience.

#3 Go for Morning Strolls

Tiredness can make it difficult to feel motivated and might mean some mums find it easier staying at home. But walking not only lets you test out how well your body feels after delivery, it also helps ease you back into physical activity without the risk of major injury, on top of providing a huge mood boost – something that’s especially helpful during those first few exhausting weeks!

#4 Don’t Worry About Not Being Able to Hear Your Baby Cry

Whether you’re attending to chores or trying to catch a few winks in between, consider buying a baby monitor if you are concerned that you won’t hear your baby crying. It’ll do wonders for peace of mind when you’re away from your little one, knowing that you, those around such as family, or a stay in nanny can still monitor the comfort and safety of your baby.

#5 Don’t Ignore Postpartum Depression

Don't Ignore Postpartum Depression Hire a Stay In Nanny in Singapore

Many mums develop some baby blues within the first few months after giving birth. However, some can have a more severe, longer-lasting form of depression known as postpartum depression. Postpartum depression is marked by deeper and longer-lasting feelings of sadness and agitation, and may become chronic depression without medical help. Treatment depends on the nature and severity of the postpartum depression, but it is important to recognize that it is both temporary and treatable. Consult your doctor if you notice feelings of depression after childbirth that persists beyond a couple of weeks, or if the condition worsens with time.

Confinement nanny services can be tremendously helpful, especially for first-time mothers where everything is new and foreign. Focused primarily on the mother and baby’s well-being, having a stay in nanny allows new mums ample time to heal, rest and bond with their babies, cooking nutritious confinement dishes and helping out with baby-related chores. This might include feeding the baby, bathing, changing their diapers, doing the mother’s and baby’s laundry and occasionally, other domestic chores around the house.

If you are looking for some advice from a reputable confinement nanny agency as you embark on your journey of motherhood, or are looking to hire a nanny in Singapore, feel free to contact us to find out more!